Relocated: 900 E Karen Suite B-215 (Shows)


We moved into a bigger space. Located at the back of the

Commercial Center. Storefront faces the parking lot, there’s tons os parking, including handicap parking, and an elevator.

We look forward to seeing you at Random Alchemy

Thank You

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  • Christopher Brandstetter

    September 1, 2018 , 2:08 pm

    Submission Inquiry Hello- My name is Chris Brandstetter. I am a photographer from Las Vegas, NV. I have been in various art showings in CA. Mostly in Davis, CA where I used to live. I was the featured artist for the month of November 2014 at the Pence Gallery. I have also been in other collaborative showings with other photographers over the last 4 years in Davis and the Bay Area. A couple examples are listed below. I am looking for a venue to showcase my photography. I shoot mostly landscapes and still life subjects. The one thing I adhere to strictly, is that I shoot clean, unfiltered subjects. No enhancement, filtering or photo shopping whatsoever. I am a purist. I believe people should see what I see. I have a series of pictures that I really like that could be viewed as - Detroit: Art in Decay Where can I send a Submission Inquiry or a few examples of my work? If you are interested in seeing more, please contact me. Sincerely- Christopher Brandstetter July 24 2015 November 7th-30th 2014 Photo credit of Pence Art Gallery - Left side of Exhibits page
    • Lisa Dittrich

      November 5, 2018 , 4:02 pm

      Thank you for your inquiry, Christopher. Sorry for the delay in responding. Moving to the new, bigger gallery has had its share of entertainment. Please contact us at the gallery or via Facebook Messenger for further discussion.