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H.H. Holmes: Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.


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H.H. Holmes: Herman Webster Mudgett, was considered America’s first serial killer. ( although he was not ; Billy Gohl )As of today, His Great Great Grandson: Jeff Mudgett tells the story of his great great grandfather and the coincidences between him and Jack the Ripper. HH Holmes was the “ Henry Ford” of serial killing. His Murder Castle built for the 1893 World’s Fair, held in Chicago.The building was made so that there would be shops on the lower level and rentals on the second. The basement is where most of the ghoulish activities occurred. Where he would take the bodies of his guests and strip their skin, selling their skeletons to medical study schools. HH Holmes was also a swindler and grifter; marrying and taking out life insurance policies out on wives and their children. Even his business partners that KNEW, what he was doing. He was in a huge amount of debt, owing workers, and suppliers thousands of dollars, he went on the run with three of the Pitezel children; Children of a former partner that he killed then took up house with his wife. He killed these children while on the run. Holmes was executed in 1896, by hanging, at 34 years of age.Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil. Numbered Series. Signed, and Certificate. 1-20