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The Black Dahlia: Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.


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The Black Dahlia / Elizabeth Short: Short was only 22 years old in 1947. Born in Boston, Elizabeth moved to California to live with her father and was a working waitress, aspiring to be a starlet. Often times, young women would go out with men at night as “ eye candy” for a steak dinner at night. There are no clues about her murder or murderer, just that it was vey gruesome. Elizabeth’s body was found dumped in a park near a residential area, completely drained of blood with surgical precision. Her body was in two parts, within a few feet of each other. She was cut completely in half at the waist, and a “Chelsea Grin” cut at the corners of her mouth. Blunt trauma to the head was the cause of death. Some have a hypothesis that Elizabeth may have been Jack the Ripper’s final kill. No one will ever know. Now known as the Black Dahlia, she will be forever remembered in this horrible way. Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil. Numbered Series. Signed, and Certificate. 1-20