Elizabeth Bathroy


Elizabeth Bathroy: Original Artwork – Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.


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Elizabeth Bathroy: Born in 1560, A Countess and Noblewoman in the Kingdom of Hungary. Many tales of Bathroy’s escapades were: she bathed in the blood of young servant girls, and of virgins to retain her beauty. One day a servant accidentally poked her finger with a dressing pin, the blood dripped onto the back of Elizabeth’s hand. Instead of wiping it away, she rubbed it into her skin, giving it a “rosey”, glow. After this- many a village girl would go missing due to Bathroy’s alleged “Thirst for Blood”. Bathroy, along with Vlad the Impaler, became the inspiration of Brom Stoker’s Dracula. Elizabeth was imprisoned within Castle of Csejte. December 1610. Died 1614, age 54. Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.