Edmund Kemper


Big Edmund Kemper: Original Artwork – Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.


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Edmund Kemper: Big Ed. Ed Kemper, known as the Co-Ed Killer; extremely intelligent yet grotesquely a beast of horror. Having  semi-rocky childhood, with domineering mother, Kemper went on a killing spree from 1964 through 1974. Ten known victims, some of which were a fifteen year old girl, both of his Grandparents that he grew up with, and his Mother. As crazy as it gets, He chopped his mother’s head off, hand intercourse with her neck and head; THEN, to stop the voice of his mother in his head, he pulled out her larynx, and put it in the garbage disposal just to make her “stop talking”. Even though this monster committed these heinous acts; Kemper was instrumental in helping the FBI in learning how to profile “serial” killers. ED Kemper is incarcerated at the California Medical Facility inVacaville, California. He is 74 years old. Size 9”x12”, in Ink and some colored pencil.