Pieces and Parts (Artwork Gallery Shows)


Premiering Preview Thursday and First Friday, February 1-2, 2018, Random Alchemy presents “Pieces and Parts”, an art show featuring the works of Dawn Dohl, Regina Vinicky, and our very own Lisa Dittrich!

Pieces and parts shows bits and pieces of various body parts, storylines, and more. From the macabre to the whimsical, it aims to delight the skeemish and the deviant in us all.

Pieces and Parts will be on display at Random Alchemy Art Gallery through February 22, 2018.

Random Alchemy Art Gallery was located within the World Famous Arts Factory, at 107 E. Charleston Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada.
It is now located at 900 E. Karen Avenue Suite #B-215, within the New Orleans Section of the Historic Commercial Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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