Lisa's Bio

 A daughter of the Southwest, Lisa comes from a family of artists. It all started when her father gave her a set of watercolors at age 5. Art is how Lisa was able to survive childhood; one art teacher was very instrumental in helping her become more skillful: Mr. Duane Berg ( Gallup High School ). Being a Self Taught Artist, Lisa has learned various art genres. Lisa works in many mediums, always seeking more to learn and to explore. Having lived in New Mexico, and Las Vegas , NV: some of her works are influenced by the Desert’s beauty, danger, and wonderment. Gothic themes, because there is beauty in the dark. Landscapes, Florals, Traditional, Portraits, Abstracts, and much more. Lisa has lived in Las Vegas since 1985,met her true love in high school; they married almost a decade later. Together they have three wonderful offspring. Lisa finds much joy in creating, however- also mentoring other artists and supporting any art movement in the community.


Mediums: Pencil, Colored Pencil, Ink, Watercolor, Acrylic, Pastel, Airbrush, Collage, Assemblage Murals, (of a modest size), Fabrication of Props (Can execute small scale and large scale). In the future, I would like to learn Oil Painting, Welding, and start to use a projector.

Artist Statement:

 I am a self taught artist, and I try to learn something new about life every day. Why is my Studio/Gallery named Random Alchemy? Because I love to thrust the creative process together to achieve a magical moment. I find beauty in everything, even inside the “ugly”. They go hand in hand. Loving a good challenge, I enjoy blurring the lines of various subject matters that touch the human soul. This is my goal; to connect the human thread that we all share. I am truly just happy to be here, in the moment- and to share it with all.

Thank You for visiting this website. – Lisa Dittrich